Sunday, 6 December 2015

Tactical Edge Christmas Seminar Review

So Saturday saw Master Davies host his annual free christmas seminar as Best Defence in Arbroath.
The day was split into two parts, in the morning we worked through some of the systems weapon strips and looked and some firearm defence and third party protection protocols and in the afternoon we took to improvised weapons.
With any type of self defence tool prohibited in the UK, being able to pick up an everyday item and utilise it as a equlizer against an armed attacker is a great skill to learn and the conceptual nature of Tactical Edge allows a seemless adaption from empty hand to weaponised defence.
As ever all the drills, info and humour were on point with Mr Davies throwing information on each subject from all angles covering personal defence, 3rd party, failure and legalities of defence and interpersonal conflict. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and as always the difficult part isn't the training but trying to remember everything we covered.
Thanks to everyone from my lot that turned up and to the people we trained with, always nice to meet other practitioners from other parts of the country and obviously thanks to Mr Davies for hosting a great seminar.

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