Tuesday, 1 December 2015


So the festive period is setting in, and unfortunately in Scotland, that means more often than not the weather turns to s*&t.
The weather and other festive attractions often see's a drop in the number of people making it out to the gym to train in either fitness or martial arts.
So with that in mind throughout December I want to use the blog to give you some home training ideas, so in the event you can't make it to class you can at least have something to train in the house.

Obviously solo training can only go so far and I urge you to get along to the gym if you can, as theres no substitute for a good training partner but if not hopefully I can provide a half decent alternative.
Some posts will be articles, some videos and others just pictures but i'll try to make them as easy to follow as I can. I'll try to cover a variety of subjects but if theres something in particular you'd like to train or work on just email me and i'll do my best to respond.

First up, quick bit of fitness.

The PUSH UP,  one of THE most basic and functional exercises you can do. You know the excuse I hear the most for not doing them "oh I'm not good at them" ??? What??? well if you're not good at them then practise more and you'll get good.
Honestly, such an easy movement to perform. Set aside a half hour, could even do it while you watch TV, set aside the time and do sets of 10 reps, if you can't do 10 reps do 5 reps, if you can't do 5 reps do 3 but take the time and work on them.
If you can do a few with decent form try some variations.
The video below shows a friend of mine Rannoch of Simple Strength Scotland and 100 Rep Challenge doing some variations of the push up you can do to keep it interesting.

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