Sunday, 13 December 2015

Sunday with Rannoch ESU

Sunday I was invited out to Bonaly Outdoor Centre to do some Krav Maga with Rannoch ESU scout group. I would like to thank Chris for the invite out and a huge well done to all the guys there.
Had a good few hours to go over stuff and got straight into some striking patterns from a neutral base and a switching into a left lead and moving off from there.
We then got stuck into the bread n butter of Krav the 360 defence and worked through it in a drill before building it into a small situational drill reacting from a big right hand haymaker shot. We built on a few variations of it and built round an initial entry and counter to entry and counter with continued pressure and then finally entry to counter into control and takedown.
The 2nd half of the session we focused on some Krav responses to knife attacks and threats, working on high and low line and starting from a static threat and moving up to an active attack.
We finished off the day looking at some shredding techniques from senshido and how they can be adapted into Krav.
I had a great day teaching and was really impressed with how they all threw themselves into the material. It's always difficult to cover all that system offers but we managed to cram a lot into our time and the feedback and questions I was getting were great, showed just how much the guys were taking in, not just getting spoon fed stuff and repeating it.
Could have easily spent another 3 hours going over stuff as even now thinking back there was stuff i'd have loved to go over but just didn't have the time.
I hope all that attended gained something from the session and enjoyed it as much as I did.  As always in finishing I placed emphasis on how in any confrontation a physical response should be the last resort and first and foremost should be trying to verbally deescalate the situation or get to safety and then if all else fails move onto a physical response and try todo the bare minimum you need to do to get to safety.
Thanks again.


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