Sunday, 25 October 2015

The Reality Of It

Was clearing out some odds n sods on the computer and came across a blog piece I wrote for Combat Ready a while back.
Seems relevant to repost it with the rugby world cup being on and all.

The Reality Of It 

So I came across this clip online, its from a game of Aussie football, think of a weird mutated version of football and rugby.
Anyway, in the clip we see two players have a bit of a scuffle during a tackle and then something goes wrong.
One player attacks the other and as you can see in the video its pretty clear what his intent was.
Now I'm not sure why he decided to attack and strangle his opponent but the ensuing attack is a fantastic example of how volatile and raw an attack can be and how quickly a simple tumble can escalate. 
These guys are professionals, they train to be hit and take a bit rough and tumble they also need to have situational awareness as they play a team sport and need to be vigilant of where other team members are and you can see how easy it is for them to be taken unaware, as the clip shows the two hit the deck and theres about a 5 second "stand off" then the player in blue&white stops struggling and theres about a 3 second gap where he does nothing and then BANG player 17 slams that choke on and has it on for about 15 seconds and thats including when the other FIVE players are literally trying to drag him off.
Now depending on the type of choke, your looking at between 7-12 seconds on average for pass out time, even if you round that down to a 20 second altercation theres almost enough time to be choked and knocked out 3 times.
Now our blue&white player has obviously been involved in these types of back n forth and thats why he puts up his little struggle during the "stand off" period then he feels number 17 back off slightly and he thinks "ah thats it over with" and you can see his arms physically drop in a completely defenceless manor, that in turn allows number 17 to slam that choke on. You can see our boy in blue wasn't expecting the choke to come and even when he realise's he reacts to slow to accomplish anything, its a frightening clip and it shows violence in action in a fairly brutal way.
As with any clip like this try to watch it and think "what would i have done? how could i have got out of that? I'm i training sufficiently enough to be able to handle a situation that violent?" everythings a learning tool.
The clip shows that it can happen anywhere regardless of location. 


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